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Memories of the Seventh Doctor

Thank you to all those who responded to our requests for your thoughts and memories of the Seventh Doctor...

1987 was a strange old year. I was living in Manchester, playing the part of wannabe Rock Star and struggling author. My love for my childhood show was at an all time low; the previous season had scarred me deeply and my eyes had still to reset themselves after THAT costume, so it was with little enthusiasm I sat down to watch this ‘new guy.’
Initial impressions were not good but despite the derision of my peers I persevered. Slowly something strange occurred and by the time of Remembrance of The Daleks I had come to love this darkly comic, suspicious little man. Battlefield, Ghost light and Fenric cemented these feelings and, truth be told, I may have shed a tear at the end scene of Survival..
I find it ironic that for something that got so many things wrong, the TV Movie actually delivered a touching and suitably violent goodbye to perhaps the darkest doctor of them all (get back in your cupboard Eccleston!)The opening scenes in the Tardis shall stay with me forever…
By @KneelDowne

brian tapparno-clark @badwolfbrian
Always been my favourite Doctor. Know i seem to be in the minority here. There are some good stories like Fenric & Ghostlight

brian tapparno-clark @badwolfbrian
I just thought he was great loved the interaction between him and Sophie plus loved the darker side he portrayed #underrated

Cory Eadson @TimeLord89
The finale of Battlefield. A lovely little moment between the Doctor and the Brig. Marvellous! #dwbar #memoriesof7

Daniel White @Dr_Who_Con_Fans
My memories of the seventh doctor are as follows: brilliant and innovative yet very dark. Manipulative in achieving his aims and loyal to his companions. Brilliant stories Sylvester through himself into the role yet is regarded by some as the least popular Doctor. People rubbish his tenure and wrongly so. He was a victim of the BBCs shunting the program to midweek.

Martin Carle @who_martin
7th dr, was the most entertaining to watch and the one that went through several emotions in 1 episode.

Daniel White @Dr_Who_Con_Fans
@who_martin totally agree to write off his tenure and stories is wrong some of them and his doctor was riveting

Martin Carle @who_martin
@Dr_Who_Con_Fans In a way he also kept dr who going right up until its end in 1989.

Martin Carle @who_martin
@Dr_Who_Con_Fans yes, his 7th into 8th dr regenneration was a sight to behold, he just does 1 of his many faces.CloseAndrew Buckley @bluerockquarry

a superb Doctor/Companion team. Seasons 25 and 26 among the best in the original run!!

sasha hale @sassysashsash
@7thDocisAce McCoy was my doctor as when I was a kid x the best! he made u wish u could be his companion & scream at the tv on edge of seats and crave the next week 2hurry up. he also made u feel alive and u could do anything if u put your mind to it! loved his firm but fair manor

James Hadwen @jameshscience
I think I'm in the minority but I prefer the season 24 McCoy to the other two seasonsI think it's mostly because it's a portrayal more suited to McCoy's acting ability. He does the clown so well. But he doesn't resort to "angry acting" where he goes too shouty. He's mischievous rather than manipulative

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