Monday, 23 January 2012

Seventh Doctor Week in @TheDoctorWhoBar

As some of our regular fans have recently asked to watch some stories from the Sylvester McCoy Era, we thought we would have a Seventh Doctor theme this week.

Later this week we will be posting some articles about the Seventh Doctor...

Meanwhile you can choose from a selection of his stories. We have selected stories that we haven't seen for a while.

Time and the Rani is quite a sound story from Pip and and Jane Baker. It's better than people give it credit for. Bare in mind that it was written before Sylvester was cast in the role. If you look beyond Mel's screaming you will find that she is a loyal companion. The effects are surprisingly good for its era.

Remembance of the Daleks is an amazing Dalek story and a social comment on the early Sixties. Ben Arronovitch really understood the essence of the Daleks. It is the event that arguably kicked of the Time War...

Silver Nemesis: The 25th anniversary story. It shows the Doctor at his manipulative best with some shiny Cybermen!
If you look closely at the sight seers who are touring around Windsor castle, you might get a surprise! None other than Vere Lorimer, Nicholas Courtney, Fiona Cumming, Peter Moffatt and Kevin Clarke himself!

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. Continuing the Ace arc, that made this era really interesting, the Doctor takes Ace to the Psychic Circus after receiving some space junk mail, so that she can face her fears. Behind the scenes asbestos was discovered at BBC Television Centre, so they could not use a studio. So they pitched pitched up a real circus tent in the car park at BBC Elstree. I think this gave the scenes a terrific atmosphere, which they might not have got in studio.

Battlefield sees the return of the Brigadier in his final meeting with the Doctor, in a version of the sword and the stone.

Ghost Light is an intriguing story by Marc Platt. It shows a dark and mysterious Doctor once again manipulating events and getting Ace to face her demons.

Survival sees the return of the Master and the final story of the show's original run. The Doctor finally takes Ace back to her home town of Perivale. Her old friends are being kidnapped by a race of alien hunters called the Cheetah People..

So take your pick from the above stories, vote on the poll and join The Doctor Who Bar from 7.30pm on Twitter and we will press play on our own DVDs or videos at 8pm, to stay in sync.

Meanwhile if you have any memories of this era or stories of meeting Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford and Sophie Aldred then let us know in the comments below.

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