Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Paradise Towers- The Seventh Doctor

Tonight we will be watching Paradise Towers as part of our celebration of all things Sylvester (the Real McCoy you might say)

Here is a spoiler free introduction. The Doctor and Mel decide to find a swimming pool (not one in the Tardis then) so Mel can continue her fitness obsession. They arrive at Paradise Towers a, supposedly, state of the art massive complex. Guess what? Things arent as they should be and what follows is a classic Seventh Doctor story full of Sylvestors wonderful Doctor, running, talking fast and unravelling the horrific secret that lies at the heart of Paradise Towers.

So join us for girl gangs (Kangs) mysterious killer robotic cleaners oh and a character called Bin Liner. Yes you read correctly

The Doctor Who Bar will be open at 7pm GMT on twitter and we will press play on our own DVDs or videos at 7.30pm. Until then Build high for happiness!

Stick around after for a lock-in at 10pm for Full Circle, in celebration of Dr Who Con Fans's birthday!

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