Sunday, 2 September 2012

Doctor Who Bar Sunday Matinee & Schedule Update

As of next week, with the New Series airing on the Saturday we have decided to have a new Sunday Matinee Session instead.

The first new Poll of the Sunday Matinee Session, Terrific Tom, will open at 3.00pm GMT and we'll press Play at 3.30pm.

Also added to the Wednesday session for this week will be a twitter viewing of the aired New Series episode, in this case it will be Asylum of the Daleks after the scheduled story which on Wednesday is The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

From next week the New Series re-showing will follow on the Sunday after the Sunday Matinee session.

Watch the Doctor Who Bar main twitter account:  @TheDoctorWhoBar for details.

So Join Us In The Bar To Watch Doctor Who.

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