Saturday, 22 September 2012

Watch Doctor Who in the Doctor Who Bar

To those of you who don't know, the Doctor Who Bar watches Doctor Who, what else!  Except we watch it in synchronisation with a few people on Twitter using our own DVD's or videos.  Yes folks even the videos, your VHS tapes haven't been forgotten!

There are quite a few similar such ventures on Twitter who have a similar service to our own.  All of them quite successful, due to the popularity of Doctor Who.  This little article is just to remind everyone of the Doctor Who Bar itself.

The Bar has three sessions, two of them are on Sunday.

The first Sunday one is the Sunday Matinee, this is the one where the story selected is voted for by you as a result of the Poll on this blogger site.  Don't forget to vote on our Sunday Matinee Poll, promo tweets for it are put out on Twitter during the week. We open at 3pm and press play at 3.30pm in synchronisation with each other.  This is then followed by the New Series session, where we watch your recording of Saturdays latest Doctor Who episode.  The time of this session is flexible due to the showing of the previous Sunday Matinee, but usually it will be around 5.30pm/6pm.

The third and last session is the mid-week Wednesday session which opens at 7.30pm pressing play at 8pm.  This session is where we select a random story.  You can also tweet us with your story suggestions of what you would like to watch for this session.  Just tweet or DM the @TheDoctorWhoBar or @Via_The_Void Twitter accounts.

Finally if you would be interested in hosting the sessions on Twitter and becoming part of the Doctor Who Bar, tweet or DM the two Twitter accounts above. 

Please join us in the Doctor Who Bar to watch Doctor Who.

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