Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Krotons Preview

You’d find very few people who would say The Krotons is their favourite Doctor Who story. But that’s not to say it’s the worst either. Originally broadcast in 1968, it is one of the few remaining Patrick Troughton stories that survives in its entirety (although many a fan has claimed that they would much prefer if Evil of the Daleks had survived instead).

It is by no means terrible despite its B Movie feel. It features the late Philip Madoc delivering an epically over the top performance and stealing every scene from his fellow actors. The Custodian (played by Maurice Selwyn) gives us a performance so utterly terrible that you can’t help but enjoy it. It also happens to be the first story written by the great Robert Holmes, so it deserves some respect.

The Krotons themselves rank in my opinion as some of the silliest Doctor Who monsters ever (beaten only by the Dominators and the Quarks). Immediately the name of this feared robotic race makes you envision them as a type of food with a similar sounding name (often found floating in soup). They aren’t exactly quite so threatening after that comes to your mind. In appearance…well…they are not exactly Daleks. Nonetheless, they make this story an enjoyable enough experience with their deep booming voices.

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