Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Memories of Traken-Keeper of Traken

As we are watching The Keeper of Traken on Wednesday I thought I'd share some more childhood memories. This story brings back fond memories of watching Doctor Who with my dad. The story introduced "my childhood Master" (played brilliantly here by Anthony Ainley) but ssshhh spoilers!

I love the tranquil beauty of Traken so soon to be destroyed by an evil force and must also admit a liking for Nyssa. She's feisty, intelligent and provides a perfect match for Tom Baker's Doctor.

I must admit, having watched this recently, that I always remembered Melkur as a taller entity but this may be to do with my reading of the Target books which conjured my own images. It's worth pointing out here that "when I was a lad" Doctor Who was not available on video so I had to rely on the excellent novelisations and my own furtive imagination.

In short this is classic Who and just as good, in my view, as anything Mr Moffett can dream up. The final twist was shocking and brilliantly portrayed. So join us in the bar for a fantastic story and yes Adric's in it as well

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