Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Ninth Doctor: Gone but not forgotten

26th March 2005. This date will be remembered by Whovians around the world as the day Doctor Who returned to our screens after a unfairly long hiatus. The media had been in overdrive for almost a year talking about the actors, actresses and monsters included in the shows return, with a lot of emphasis on the Doctor himself. No, it must be yet another unfounded rumour surely?

Then trailers were broadcast where the Ninth Doctor utters the infamous line of "Do you want to come with me?" Confirming this was no longer yet another rumour and that the show was definitely returning!

But since we're now watching the 11th Doctor running around, and everyone still talks about David Tennant's 10th, what about the seemingly forgotten 9th Doctor who helped catapult the show back into the forefront of everyone's minds?

On the surface, the Ninth Doctor dressed in black, sporting a leather jacket, short hair, and strong northern accent he appeared quite cold and strong in appearance. Underneath he was a much more complex Time Lord;  very emotionally scarred as a result of his actions in the Last Great Time War leaving him full of remorse, guilt, sorrow and anger. This side of the Doctor was most prominent in Dalek were upon finding a chained Dalek triggers off painful flashbacks of his troubled past.

He also had a more positive side to his character, underneath he still cared for the human race (begrudgingly) and showed great joy and delight especially in The Doctor Dances. He was still inquisitive and playful, and graciously took a hard slap off Jackie Tyler when they first met! However his gurning face and sometimes over the top happiness sometimes suggested he was over compensating and masking the bubbling grief and guilt underneath. He also depended a lot on his companion Rose Tyler who helped him see the positive side to things which he had been struggling with.

Christopher Eccleston's portrayal of The Doctor was incredible even though he only stayed for one series and is sadly forgotten by some fans. If it wasn't for the fantastic scripts, the actors and actresses in this first series the last 2 Doctors wouldn't have existed. So utmost respect to this often forgotten and misunderstood Doctor; You were Fantastic!

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