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This week in @TheDoctorWhoBar

This week we start on the New Beginnings Boxset from 2|Entertain with The Keeper of Traken. Having left Romana in E-Space with K9, the Doctor and Adric are somehow transported back into N Space. But what danger lies for them in the gardens of the planet Traken...?

For this week's Poll we are going back to the Beginning, to celebrate the legend that was William Hartnell, with some of the First Doctor's greatest stories.

The Daleks was the Fifth episode of the series. Though the series creator, Sydney Newman hated the idea of Bug Eyed Monsters and thought that the Daleks were the epitome of Bug Eyed Monsters, but Producer Verity Lambert stood up to him and as they had no other suitable stories to run with they had to go ahead with Terry Nation's script, which is also known as The Mutants.

The Keys of Marinus is a spin on the quest format, it's basically a road movie this story, which sees each episode forming part of a quest to find the Key.

The Aztecs takes us to Mexico in the Fifteenth Century and deals with the notions of changing History.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth was the second Dalek story. Before they were on another planet, in that case it was the planet Skaro their home world but in this epic adventure they have already conquered the Earth, but for what nefarious reason?

The Rescue is a two part story that introduces a new companion, Vicki.
The Romans is set against the back drop of the Roman Empire, lead by Emperor Nero. This light-hearted story sees the TARDIS crew trying to take a holiday, but of course they get caught up in the historical events.

The Web Planet The TARDIS lands on the desolate planet of Vortis. But it's inhabitants have a different line of evolution to our own...

The Space Museum is set on the planet Xeros, a subjugated planet in the Morok Empire, now home to a vast Museum and a young, rebellious population.

The Chase has multiple locations including the Mary Celeste, the Empire State Building, and the planet Aridius. The serial marks the last appearance of William Russell and Jacqueline Hill as companions Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, and the introduction of Peter Purves as new companion Steven Taylor, who also briefly appears earlier in the serial as the tourist Morton Dill.

The Time Meddler was the first story to feature another member of the Doctor's own race. Set in 1066 it is the first time the show mixes an historical setting with an outside enemy. A format that changed the show forever.

The War Machines sees the Doctor battling against an evil computer which has taken over the then newly built British Telecom Tower.

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