Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Three Doctors

To celebrate the life of Nicolas Courtney, the Doctor's best friend; Alistar Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, who regularly met up with the Doctor during the show's original run, we are going to watch The Three Doctors.
This story features some of the Brigadier's finest moments. His first trip inside the TARDIS and some classic quotes:

Tyler: I can manage now, thank you.
Brigadier: I'm delighted to hear it. Make yourself at home. We're only supposed to be a top secret security establishment(!) Liberty Hall, Dr. Tyler. Liberty Hall!

What connects the disappearance of a man on Earth, a massive power drain on Gallifrey? This is a mystery too big for the Doctor alone, so the Time Lords must break the laws of time, to draw on help from the Doctor's previous selves...
This story kicked off season ten, from 30 December 1972 to 20 January 1973.
For many years William Hartnell had gone back to the Doctor Who office, looking for work. The Tenth Anniversary year proved to be a good time to bring him back and Patrick Troughton was also happy to come back into the role, with some great comic sparring between him and Jon Pertwee.

So join us tonight in salute to the Brigadier with The Three Doctors. @TheDoctorWhoBar will open, on Twitter from 7pm GMT and we will press play on our DVDs/Videos at 7.30pm, see you then!

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