Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Curse of Fenric

World War II. A time in history well known for conflict and trouble, but add an ancient curse, the Doctor and Ace into the mix and things get a tad complicated.

The duo discover a military base where one of their researchers is gathering information on Viking runes, depicting an evil powerful being called Fenric. The Commander of the base is interested in taking this power for his own use, and things go horribly wrong.

Cue aquatic vampires, possession and lots of conflict. A particularly powerful Seventh Doctors story with wonderful rapport (and argument) between the Doctor & Ace, with lots of twists and turns. It also gives an insight into Ace’s troubled and tragic past.

So join us this evening for vampires who desperately need a manicure, and lots of wartime fashion (Oh dear Ace, that hairnet looks like something oranges are packed in!) Oh, and Nicholas Parsons. Bar opens at 7:30pm, pressing Play at 8pm.

No swimming in the water please!  

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