Friday, 27 April 2012

The Mind Robber- by @cheezypeas

"Well, I think we may be in a place where nothing is impossible.”

The Mind Robber is a playful Second Doctor’s story which, although it doesn’t comprise of particularly scary monsters it focuses on what is more frightening; the power of our minds and imagination where no social or moral boundaries exist.

The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie find themselves thrown out of a rather broken TARDIS into a land of make believe where fictional prose becomes reality and the boundaries between fiction and reality merge. They meet many famous fictional characters along the way who either assist or hinder their plans to escape this surreal World.

The wonderful Second Doctor plays along with the tasks he’s presented with to rescue his incapacitated companions including the infamous “Jamie’s face” game which, provided a clever way of switching a poorly chicken pox ridden Frazer Hines for his last minute replacement Hamish Wilson.

Little does the Doctor and his companions know what horrifying prospect awaits them as they work their way through to the centre of this maze of creative puzzles and surprises.

The story is somewhat ironic as writers were forced to concentrate their creative ideas due to infamous BBC budget constraints to produce 5 episodes. The final episode in fact still stands as the shortest ever Doctor Who episode recorded.

So join us for this bedtime story at the Doctor Who Bar on Friday night from 7.15pm EST, pressing play at 7:30pm EST. Milky drink optional. #DWBarUSA

Oh and one more word……catsuit!

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