Friday, 20 April 2012

Tonight in the #DWBarUSA!

Before Tom Baker scoured time and space for the Key to Time, William Hartnell and his companions scoured the planet Marinus for a different set of keys - keys which would protect the planet from the attacking Voord. Sent against their will by the Keeper of the Consciousness, the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara travel from ice caves to jungles to the advanced society of Millennius. Throughout it all the team faces a slew of dangers, culminating with the Doctor being compelled to serve as defense counsel for Ian when the school teacher stands accused of murder! In the second non-Earth based story of the series, this first season treat shows that the Doctor and his companions can find plenty of problems no matter where in time and space they end up. So join us this evening for the Keys of Marinus (and make sure you don’t over feed the plants . . . )

We'll open at 6:45pm EDT and press play at 7! Our host will be @andy_gage so be sure to follow him and to use #DWBarUSA in your tweets!

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