Monday, 9 April 2012

A Dalek Poem by @Treehugger71

Daleks hail from the planet of Skaro,
They are enemies of The Doctor you know,
Hated and feared throughout time and space,
They’ll pull one off the plunger into your face.

Their fearful leader is called Davros,
He’ll scream out orders if you make him cross,
Dare call them gay Daleks and you they will hate,
They will not hesitate to exterminate!

Davros has Daleks of white and gold,
They sure are a spectacle to behold,
Beware of Supreme Daleks, they are black,
Try to stop their plans, they’ll shoot you in the back.

The Doctor has fought them for many a year,
When it comes to Daleks he has no fear,
You think he’s eradicated them from our lives,
But they soon re-appear like a nasty surprise.

By Cheryl Riches, @Treehugger71

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