Friday, 13 April 2012

Tonight in the #DWBarUSA

Tax Day is approaching here in the States so to celebrate recognize that, we thought we'd watch an episode exploring the ways in which governments waste money - "Boomtown." The Doctor, Rose, and Jack land in Cardiff so the TARDIS can refuel from the rift. Mickey comes to meet them, but he's not bringing good news. An old enemy is in Cardiff and her plans (funded with government money - see what we did there?) could destroy the world! It's up to our four friends to find a way to stop her, but once they've caught her, what will it cost the Doctor to look a condemned woman in the eye? We'll open at 6:45pm EDT and press play at 7!

After "Boomtown" we'll do a lock-in and watch "The King's Demons" in honor of today being Peter Davison's birthday! The episode will start shortly after "Boomtown" finishes.

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