Saturday, 26 March 2011

This weeks DoctorWhoBar Story is... Earthshock!

We can reveal that in today's (26/03/2011) Doctor Who Bar Session, we will discuss and watch the Fifth Doctor's story, Earthshock.

Earthshock took the lead with 32 votes and with The Curse of Fenric coming in second with 24 votes.

Earthshock was originally broadcast on March 8th - 16th 1982 in 4 25 minute episodes.
The story, from the 19th series of Doctor Who, stars Peter Davison as The Doctor, Matthew Waterhouse as Adric, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and Janet Fielding as Tegan.

The TARDIS drops the Fifth Doctor and his companions in the middle of an investigation into the murder of a team of scientists in an underground complex of caves. Deadly androids are patrolling the tunnels, but just what are they protecting... and for whom are they working?

So if you have the DVD stacked on your shelf, the classic VHS tucked away in a box, or even if you can watch online on sites like Seesaw etc. then be prepared for 7-30pm (GMT). Have a drink and some food and get ready to join in with the @DoctorWhoBar from 7pm (GMT).
You also may want to take in some of the information from the episode we watch tonight as starting next week before the next session, we will have the Doctor Who Bar quiz which tests you on your knowledge from what you think you know from the story. We'll have updates on that during the week.

So remember to press Play on your DVD, VCR, or online at 7-30pm (GMT) so we can all stay in synchronisation and discuss via Twitter.

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  1. I don't know about anyone else but I had a load of fun and can't wait for next week.

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