Thursday, 24 March 2011

DoctorWhoBar Update - Mentions and More!

Over the past week we have been promoting the Doctor Who Bar from every corner of the Doctor Who World.
We would like to take up this post to mention some of the things you have been doing to promote the @DoctorWhoBar ....

Firstly the hit Doctor Who fan site, Kasterborous, has given us a massive boost with a Special post on their website...
"Hey – have you been to the Doctor Who Bar yet? No?! The Doctor Who Bar is an ever growing group of Doctor Who fans who get together every Saturday from 7-00pm and watch episodes from the show’s past.
The USP here is that the Doctor Who Bar isn’t an actual, tangible Bar – instead it is an online group of people that all watch Doctor Who in the comfort of their own homes and then discuss it on Twitter as they watch!
Episodes (DVD, VCR or online) play at 7-30 pm, and then quotes, reviews, thoughts, ideas and general discussion take place in the Twittersphere using the #DoctorWhoBar hashtag.
After the episodes, the Twitter discussions then appear on the official Doctor Who Bar website and members of the group can vote for the next episode they wish to watch the following Saturday!
Sounds like a great idea, and there are just two days left to vote on this week’s viewing, with Earthshock and The Curse of Fenric currently leading the pack…
The group is also looking out for anyone who might be able to help out in anyway – contact them on if you are interested."

We would like to thank Christian from Kasterborous for taking his time and effort to write out the post and give us a backing! Thank you very much!

The second big promotion comes from Who News. Who News is a spectacular Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch Application that brings your favourite Website posts including Life, Doctor Who and Combom, Blogtor Who and Us! Earlier today we were contacted by Paul from Who News and he was kind enough to add our blog to their news feed!
You can see that we have put their special banner in the sidebar, so please buy the app here, if you have an apple device, as it is a wonderful addition to your handy device.
you can visit the Who News Website here .

Loads of you on Twitter have been promoting on Twitter by Retweeting and sending your tweets, So please continue. We love all comments and feedback, it gives us a real boost and your views may even get mentioned on this website!

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