Monday, 28 March 2011

More mentions for the DoctorWhoBar!

After another great weekend at the "Bar" we have recieved another mention from

"A group of Doctor Who fans have started using Twitter for a new project they have titled ‘The Doctor Who Bar’.
Every Saturday at 7pm (GMT), this online group meet to watch an episode during which they share their thoughts and opinions using the #DoctorWhoBar hashtag which you can see from the Twitter widget below. The winner of the poll is announced an hour before the viewing, at 6pm (GMT).
The episode to be discussed is decided by an online poll which you can find on their website.
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We also recieved a small review of the Doctor Who Bar from Brian here

They State "The first ever (EDIT - it was our third) #DoctorWhoBar was held tonight on Twitter and, judging from the participation, seemed to be a success. This week’s story was “Earthshock.” The crowd was made up of those who were quite familiar with it and those who were seeing it for the first time. Though the conversation never really wandered far from the story in question, it didn’t take away from the fun atmosphere.
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