Wednesday, 23 March 2011

@DoctorWhoBar on the DWO WhoCast

Dozens of you have been promoting @DoctorWhoBar including Doctor Who Magazine's Editor Tom Spilsbury, Chris Johnson from The DWM Time Team, writer Phil Ford, as well as a lot of fan sites and Twitter feeds.

But this weeks Official Doctor Who Online Podcast, The WhoCast, has given us a very special mention.

The Who Cast Team, Cameron and Tony, told listeners:
"There is a new place for Doctor Who fans to watch Classic and new Episodes, and discuss the episode while watching it via Twitter.

The 'Doctor Who Bar' runs every Saturday from 7pm and the ever growing group of Doctor Who fans press Play on their DVD/VCR or on the internet at the same time, and get tweeting their favourite moments, quotes and much more!!

Follow @DoctorWhoBar for more information."

We would really like to thank Cameron, Tony and the DWO Team for helping out and giving their backing. They will be getting updates now and again about how we are getting on.

You can listen to the DWO Whocast here:

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