Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Review update!

A Community of Nostalgic Viewers

Many thanks to Life, Doctor Who, and Combom for
their review of the #DoctorWhoBar today:

"On WhoNews, every Whovian's favourite iOS application, Life, Doctor Who, and Combom is now joined by Doctor Who Bar, which you can follow on Twitter or through the site."

"The @DoctorWhoBar is a new Twitter based project for all Whovians! They meet once a week on Twitter to watch and discuss all manner of things concerning our favourite Time Lord. Don't forget to join them each and EVERY Saturday night from 7pm GMT and press Play on your DVD/VCR at EXACTLY 7-30pm GMT so we can all stay in sync!. The winning story will be announced at 5pm GMT every Saturday! Don't forget to cast your vote for what YOU would like to see!"

You can read the full article here

Many thanks to Andrew Watt at kijamedia.com for getting in touch and updating his article about the #DoctorWhoBar:

"Do you enjoy watching the BBC television series Doctor Who and have a Twitter account? If so, you might be interested in a new fan based project titled ‘The Doctor Who Bar‘."

"Every Saturday at 7pm (UK time), this online group meet to watch an episode during which they share their thoughts and opinions using the #DoctorWhoBar hashtag."

You can read the full article here

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  1. Well, in truth, I wouldn't quite call what I've written a "review", since I've never had the actual experience of the Doctor Who Bar; but I'd love to join you all sometime.

    It seems tightly packed between "Genesis" and "Pyramids". When will the results be revealed, I wonder? :)