Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Your thoughts on the @DoctorWhoBar...

It's been under a week since the 'Doctor Who Bar' first opened up its virtual TARDIS doors and we have had a massive success so far, particularly on our Twitter Page.
But as well as discussing, quoting and commenting whilst we watch an episode every Saturday, we want you to send us feedback about what you think of the Doctor Who story being watched, or the DoctorWhoBar itself!
It is so easy to get in touch with us, firstly if you have Twitter, follow and Tweet us @DoctorWhoBar for your thoughts!
You can also get in touch by Email at doctorwhobar@gmail.com for your full Episode Reviews and any other points of view you may wish to send!
The best Tweets, Emails and comments will be displayed at the end of each week, so please get in touch!
And remember to vote on the Story Poll to get your favourite Doctor Who adventure to be watched by everyone on Saturday at 7-30pm GMT.

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