Thursday, 28 April 2011

Acting The Heart Out

 Having watched ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ for the second time, it really hit me just how good an Actress Karen Gillan is. 

Being in the fortunate position of knowing what it is like behind the camera, it is quiet difficult to reach a place of absolute pain and anguish. Such dramatic acting to ensure believability is a skill which I find can be harnessed by accessing the core memory in which one’s own sadness is derived from. I had wondered how Karen reached this very deep emotional area while filming.

In contrast, Alex Kingston’s quiet and matter of fact way of acting, even though she showed she was holding back emotion for her character, was wonderful to behold also. To act as though you are unwilling to show emotion, but expressing how hard it is to keep that emotion from your voice and face is quite a feat in itself.

Article by @GallifreyLady

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