Thursday, 21 April 2011

Talking Who - Episode One

The First Talking Who 'Vodcast' transmited Live on Wednesday the 20th of April in the evening over Ustream and Youtube Live.  This show from the makers of 'Those Video Guys', talk about what has been happening over the week in the world of Doctor Who!  As well as the DVD's, Episode Reviews and Feedback.

In this first episode, the duo talk about their memories of the late Elisabeth Sladen.  Also they review Kinda and Snakedance on DVD and they preview the New Series airing this Saturday.

If you weren't there yesterday Night, don't worry you can watch the episode below.

You can watch Talking Who Live every Wednesday Night 1pm Pacific (Los Angeles), 4pm Eastern (New York/Toronto), 9pm UK (London), 10pm Europe (Paris/Berlin).

More Information is available here on their website.

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