Thursday, 28 April 2011

Not Quite a Sarah Jane Adventure

 #DWBar – Not Quite a Sarah Jane Adventure.

A Purely Fictional Account of the Viewing of K9 And Company.

“You would think it would be easier to say something in a hundred and forty characters without going over,” Sarah rolled her eyes at the screen in front of her. “Mr. Smith, you have that silly thing ready to play don’t you.”

“I do.” Mr. Smith answered. “However I don’t understand why the dog had his own series.”

“Hey, it was about me too.” Sarah sniffed then rolled her eyes. “Oh god, I’d as soon listen to my sonic squeal as that music.” She chuckled then. “Yes, quite convinced you’re actually an evil alien bent on world domination through appreciation of horrible music, Mr @ianrdw.”

“Mum!” Luke came through the door before Sarah Jane had a chance to hide what she was up to.

“Luke.” Sarah jumped up guiltily and stood in front of the screen of her laptop. “What are you doing home?”

“Finished up early.” He leaned up and kissed her on the cheek then peered over her shoulder. “Who’s @HighlandDude, Mum? And why are you tweeting?” He looked bemused.

“Oh fine, you caught me. It’s an alias, Luke. For me.” Sarah’s shoulders slumped. “It’s something Mr. Smith and I found. Idle hands and all.” She grinned. “It’s another dimension, I think. Mr. Smith managed to tap me in and we’re watching … uhm … old TV shows and commenting on them.”

“Couldn’t you do that here?” Luke looked a little concerned.

“Not quite.” Sarah sighed. “Oh we’re about to start. Queue it up, Mr. Smith. You might as well sit down and watch with me.” She perched in front of her laptop and got ready to comment about something else.

“Uhm, mum… That’s you.” Luke’s eyes had widened.

“Not quite, thankfully.” Sarah looked sad for a moment. “No, that’s just an actress who played me. Actually she’s not just anyone. Her name was Elisabeth Sladen, but we’ll talk about that later.”

“Mistress?” K9 had settled beside Luke on the floor.

“Yes, K9?” Sarah couldn’t keep the amusement out of her voice.

“That is me, Mistress. I remember this incident however…” K9 started to correct.

“We’ll quibble about the details later, K9.” Sarah Jane sighed. “Just watch. I have tweeting to do.”

Article by @HighlandDude

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