Sunday, 3 April 2011

Remembering Nicholas - A DoctorWhoBar Special

The next Doctor Who Bar Session will be a very special one for all of us. 'Remembering Nicholas' celebrates the life and work of the wonderful Nicholas Courtney who sadly passed away on 22nd February this year. Nicholas played the recurring character of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart in over 100 episodes of Doctor Who.

'Five Rounds Rapid' was probably The Brigadier's most famous line in the series as the Head of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, whose job it was to protect the Earth from alien attack.

'Of all the characters in Doctor Who there is no doubt he was
the most loved by the fans for his wonderful portrayal of the rather
pompous Brigadier.'

This was brilliantly said by close friend and fellow Doctor Who star Tom
Baker after hearing the news of Mr. Courtneys sad passing.

So to celebrate the character played by Nicholas Courtney we bring you
another Doctor Who Bar Special - Remembering Nicholas.
Over the next week we'll be bringing you our favourite memories of
Nicholas, some Special Tributes and lots more.

On Saturday (9th April) we will be watching one 'Brig' story to celebrate
his commitment to Doctor Who and to show what a great actor and person he was.

So please give us your 'Brig' story suggestions from episodes of the series, to the recent Sarah Jane Adventures episode, The Enemy of the Bane. we will be making a list of your comments and then putting them into a Poll soon.

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  1. Battlefield, Mawdryn Undead, the Invasion,

  2. Looking forward to this evening to see what story has won for tonights tribute to Nicholas Courtney.

    Battlefield is currently leading. Some of the die hard fans don't rate Battlefield as much of a story, but it is very under rated in my opinion. The story is the last appearance of Nick's Brigadier in Doctor Who.

    Could The Invasion or another story overtake it in the Poll ratings!?!

    Really looking forward to Tonight!

    And thank you Nick for giving us such a wonderful character in the shape of Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart. You will be much missed.