Saturday, 16 April 2011

This Weeks DoctorWhoBar Story is... Vengeance on Varos!

We can reveal that today's Sixth Session (16/04/2011) Story will be the Sixth Doctor's third story,
Vengeance on Varos!

Varos took the lead in our online Poll after being behind Revelation of the Daleks. Only this morning
did all things change!

Varos took top spot with 36 votes while Revelation came in second with 26 votes. As you can see Varos had a surge of votes to overtake the Dalek story and therefore became this weeks winner!

Vengeance on Varos transmitted in two 45 minute episodes on 19th January 1985 and 26th January 1985. The season 22 story stars Colin Baker as the Sixth Door and Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown. 

"After the TARDIS depletes its supply of Zeiton-7 ore, the Sixth Doctor and Peri are forced to land on the planet of Varos in search of more. But the Colony is a former prison and the current society lives off entertainment from torture and execution. And the Doctor might be next on the list."

Vengeance on Varos wasn't too popular in the Doctor Who Magazine 'The Mighty 200' Poll as it only got to 124 in the vote.

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