Friday, 22 April 2011

Matt Smith is the Eleventh Doctor!

Please Note, this article contains Spoilers for the New Series!

When Matt Smith was first cast as the Doctor many people moaned that he was too young for the role to take the part of the Doctor seriously!  I must admit I had reservations myself, but was eager to see what he could bring to the role!  I needn't have worried, Smith is a breathe of fresh air and his incarnation owes a lot to a few of the Doctor's from the shows original run!  Visually Matt Smith looks a lot like a younger Jon Pertwee, perhaps it's his nose which does this for me but it's also his timeless elegance and stature which Pertwee had in abundance! 

Matt Smith is a self confessed Pat Troughton fan, apparently Steven Moffat gave him the DVD of
Tomb of the Cybermen (the Bar watched this story a few weeks ago!).  His own costume is very reminiscent of Pat's Second Doctor costume!

Matt's debut coincided with a change in Production, Russell T. Davies left to pursue other interests and Steven Moffat replaced him as Executive Producer and Head Writer.  Like John Nathan-Turner before him  Steven Moffat made sweeping changes to the progarmme, he changed the shows title sequence and the theme music.  The TARDIS Police Box shell recieved a makeover becoming more like the William Hartnell original, and in so doing strengthened the bond between the New Series and the original one.  The TARDIS interior also recieved a make over with a new set and a new console, this time an hexagonal one!  Just like the old series! The Daleks too recieved a facelift but it was this radical, controversial re-design of the basic Dalek shape which has divided fandom!  The kids probably love them, but the shows fans
have mixed feelings about them!

Matt has really made the part his own, following the departure of David Tennant, it was hard for many to see someone else take over the role.  Tennant's manic personality has been replaced by a more quieter, more studious incarnation, who can always take control of the situation.  Matt's Doctor harks back to the original premise of the programme, a mysterious wanderer in Time & Space who has secrets.  We know he's a Time Lord from a dead home world called Gallifrey, which was in the constellation of Kasterborous.  That he sacrificed his people and his homeworld to stop the escalation of the deadly Time War!  There is a sadness behind all three of the Doctor's from the New Series, since we discovered that he is the last of the Time Lords! But Matt's Eleventh Doctor seems to have come to terms with this!

With Matt Smith in control of the TARDIS the future is looking bright, and with the New Series debut tomorrow this particular series looks so epic in scope and nature.

Just who is River Song?  Who are the mysterious Silence?  Who is the good man that River will kill?  And which of the main cast dies in the first story!! To find out tune in to BBC1,  Saturday at 6pm!

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