Thursday, 1 March 2012

Colin Baker - The Sixth Doctor!

This week we are having a Sixth Doctor poll. He is a much maligned Doctor, so I thought I'd like to tell you all why I like Colin's portrayal in the role, whether you agree with me or not, feel free to comment below!!

Firstly, Colin's portrayal was less sympathetic than other incarnations to begin with, he was much more of an outsider and a rebel, he didn't suffer fools either! Shades of the William Hartnell characterisation! I loved his line in ascerbic wit, his brusqueness and his constant put downs of people, including poor Peri!

Secondly, he did look good in that costume! I know now that he considers his multi coloured costume a mistake but for me you either love it or hate it! Well I love it! It might look very Eighties but it does look good!

Thirdly, sadly his characters progression is a little bit jarring, not his fault, as the show was taken off the air in 1985 and when it returned we were introduced to a more mellower character, and this was a Doctor you could like! He and Peri stopped their bickering and became fast friends!

There are many opinions of The Trial of a Time Lord, and not many of them good but I certainly enjoyed it and Colin's great performances in it! The concept of the Trial is a strong one, and in my opinion stands up really well, as does the shocking revelation of the Valeyards origins!!

Despite the shabby way the BBC treated Colin Baker, he always gave his all for the programme. Colin's Doctor was a breathe of fresh air, for the first time in years the Doctor was played as more of an alien, shown to have different values and customs! The show had moved away from Peter Davison's Mr. Nice Guy Big Brother personae. Here was a Doctor who was as multi-layered as the Fourth Doctor's incarnation but sadly didn't play on television for as long.

Throughout his brief tenure in the role, Colin battled Cybermen, Daleks, Sontarans & the villainous Sil! He even ran into himself - Patrick Troughton in
The Two Doctors! He may have had a brief era on television but he has found new success with the Big Finish audio adventures!

Of course, if Colin Baker hadn't played Commander Maxil in the Peter Davison story Arc of Infinity he may not have gone on to take the lead role in the show.

I met him once at a Doctor Who Convention in Northern Ireland back in the Nineties and he was a complete gentleman. One of my favourite Doctor's ever, I enjoy Colin Baker's portrayal of the Doctor very much!


  1. Great article and thanks for the Nicola pix

  2. Colin Baker was hampered by ever decreasing budgets. In retrospect he was a shining light in all his stories and it was great to see such strong characterisation. He has certainly proved himself to be a fantastic Doctor during his long Big Finish tenure. My goodness I have even warmed to his costume and it seems pivotal in the Doctors sartorial roustabout.