Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Terror of the Autons

A story of many firsts.

It introduced Jo Grant, The Master and Mike Yates. It was also the first story that Barry Letts was able to have complete control over.

He wanted a character to explain what was going on and for audience to identify with. Thus Jo Grant was created. Barry Letts had auditions a hundred actresses, but one turned up late who was very short sighted and clumsy- the lovely Katy Manning. Barry asked her to pretend she was alone in a room, with a hat on a stand. Slowly the hat came to life and turned into a monster.  She did so well at this that Barry gave her the part.

A thin bearded man, dressed in black arrives as at a circus. He steals the Nestene unit from the circus’s owner and actives it..

Earth is in terrible danger from a renegade Time Lord who is using the power of the nestene duplicates, the Autons to invade earth. Will the Doctor’s new companion help or hinder him?

It's Spring so the Auton dummy heads are handing out daffodils, won't you take one?  It's only a harmless flower after all.

Join us from the slightly later time of 7.30pm GMT and we will press Play at 8pm.

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