Monday, 12 March 2012

Spearhead From Space by Cheezypeas

"His whole cardiovascular system is quite unlike anything I have ever seen and I'm told his blood cannot be identified"

A strange man without a name is discovered unconscious in woodlands next to a Police Box. The Brigadier is intrigued hoping the Doctor is the man in question. But to his surprise the man he sees in the hospital bed is a complete stranger, yet the stranger knows him. Coupled with reports of meteorites its just not Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart's day.

The Third Doctor's debut story comprises of the ever faithful Autons, hospital escapades, a dozy farmer and his nagging wife and some sharp fashion from The Dandy Doctor himself.

"OOOH Suits you Sir"

So join us for Mr Fancy Pant's first adventure and the very first adventure to be filmed in colour.

Wednesday 14th March 2012, the Bar opens at 7.00pm Press Play at 7.30pm #DWBar

Formal Attire optional

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