Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Companion Poll Part Two

Just a recap to those who missed Part One:

Saturday's Birthday Bar Poll is based on companions. The Bar team have selected one from each Doctor and a story that they feature heavily in. Choose which one you think was the best, and the one with the most votes will be played Saturday, Usual time of Bar opening at 7:30pm, pressing Play at 8:00pm.

So lets continue with selected companions of Doctors Five to Eighth.

Companion 5: Tegan Jovanka (played by Janet Fielding)
Story chosen: Kinda

Tegan was about to embark on a new career as a 'trolley dolly' when her Auntie's car developed a flat tyre. Instead of the AA, the Doctor came to her aid after she entered the TARDIS looking for help. She was a very vocal companion, not afraid to voice her opinion no matter how unfavourable her opinion, and if things didn't go her way she wasn't going to back down quietly! However, she was very affectionate and fond of her fellow companions and the Doctor himself and demonstrated her vulnerable sensitive side when Adric died.

In Kinda, Tegan's mind is taken over by the Mara, and just when you thought there was only one Tegan,.think again!

If you think Tegan deserves to win the Poll, vote for Kinda.

Companion 6: Perpugilliam 'Peri' Brown (Played by Nicola Bryant)
Story Chosen: Vengeance on Varos

Ah yes, Peri. One of the most infamous companions (aside from Leela) for making fathers and hormonal teenage boys drool. However, Peri was more than just a pretty face with a cracking figure. She was very adept at giving as good as she got when the Sixth Doctor used to bicker with her. On the outside it would seem they didn't like each other but there was affection from both parties, and both seemed to enjoy their sparring moments. She was bubbly and very open minded to what time and space had to offer. She would also come up with ideas which the Doctor himself hadn't thought of (which he disliked!)

In Vengeance on Varos, Peri and the Doctor find themselves the subject of a form of intergalactic Big Brother, and poor Peri's task is to keep her stunning looks intact when subjected to a cell mutator.

If you would like to see pretty little Peri, vote for Vengeance on Varos.

Companion 7: Dorothy 'Ace' McShane (Played by Sophie Aldred)
Story Chosen: Survival

Ace appeared as very streetwise, and tough. She liked nothing better than to play with nitroglycerin in her room (Don't try that at home kids!) Her feistiness hid her vulnerability and insecurities as poor Ace had suffered a traumatic childhood which, no doubt contributed to her hard exterior. Also as a result of the tragedies she faced, she was fiercely loyal and protective of the Doctor and had total respect for him.

In Survival, Ace is concerned as to why all her friends have disappeared in Perivale. She and the Doctor find humans are being transported to a different planet, where Ace suddenly acquires a taste for Whiskas.

If you would like to see Ace star in the Sci-fi version of Cats, vote for Survival.

Companion 8: Dr Grace Holloway (Played by Daphne Ashbrook)
Story Chosen: Doctor Who The Movie

Poor Dr Holloway, her opera night is ruined by her pager notifying her of an unusual cardiac arrest. Not knowing the unusual anatomy of the stranger, her treatment unfortunately kills the patient. A man begins to follow her the next day and tries to convince her that he is the man who died, despite his appearance being completely different. He convinces her and she decides to help him defeat the Master. Bet she's glad she missed the opera now! An intelligent, loyal and inquisitive companion and good all round person to aid the Doctor.

If you would like to see Grace with the Doctor, vote for The 1996 Television Movie.

That's all folks for now, Part Three tomorrow. Don't forget to vote!

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