Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Victory of the Daleks

On Wednesday we are watching Victory of the Daleks a story which is perhaps only remembered for the introduction of the multi coloured Daleks. Ok I'll be honest, I don't like them, they scream blatant merchandising opportunity and the new shape isnt the best. But if you look beyond the Daleks and at the story it's a clever little tale set in the British nerve centre of command during World War 2.

Ian McNeice turns in a stunning performance as Winston Churchill and his verbal sparring with The Doctor are highlights of the story Let's not forget Bill Paterson's performance as Bracewell who hides a terrible secret even he's not aware of. It's also notable as Amy and not our favourite Timelord saves the day.

So join us for a story which perhaps needs a second chance and yes there are faults but hey no ones perfect.
The Bar opens at 7pm and we press play at 7.30pm

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