Monday, 5 March 2012

The Beardy Weirdy Poll: The Mighty Beards of Doctor Who!

This week we though we should have a comical poll.

We want to celebrate the beards of Doctor Who that where so strange and wonderful, they deserve their own credit!

The Sensorites
These bulbous headed creatures madetheir debut in The First Doctor Era, in 1964.

It is their wispy facial hair that gives them telepathic abilities which can affect humans. The Doctor's Grand-daughter, Susan, was able to communicative with them telepathically.

The Claws of Axos

The Master's short beard, during
the Third Doctor Era added to his suave appearance.

The Curse of Peladon

Matching The Hair of Peladon, the Beards of the Elder Peladons enhanced their badger look and gave them a distinguished look!

The Horns of Nimon

Soldeed was not actually evil. He was possessed
by his facial hair, which manipulated him into working with the mighty Nimon. When his plans failed it was the beard that tried to kill the Doctor and Romana.

The Leisure Hive
During the Fourth Doctor's visit to Argolis he enters the Tachyon Recreation Generator which briefly gives him the appearance of Gandalf.

There are three beardy appearences during this Fifth Doctor story:

Professor Hayter, cosplaying as an older version of the Eleventh Doctor... Six regenerations later The Doctor remembered Professor Hayter's look and copied it!

Using the power of the Beard the master disguised himself as the magician Kalid.

The Master, complete with resplendent beard!

The Twin Dilemma

Noma, A Jocondan. His beard gives him deceitful powers.

Attack of the Cybermen

The Cryons where the bearded ladies of Telos.

It is a closely guarded secret that Brian Blessed's beard has grown internally, it has affected his brain, making him insane, affecting his speech patterns. Which is why his voice is that of a mad man.


Anthony Ainley was The Master of the Eighties. His beard was a supreme part of his appearance.

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