Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Companion Poll Part One

This Saturday's Poll celebrates the many individuals who have assisted and on many occasions saved the Doctor's life. The Doctor cannot deny that although he sometimes perceives himself as a self sufficient Time Lord, without his companions he would be nothing. 

Here are the Bar's selection of companions to represent the first four Doctors, read all three parts to this Poll (Thursday and Friday Parts Two & Three respectively) and vote for which story involving the companion who you think was the perfect right hand man or woman to our beloved Time Lord.

Companion 1: Steven Taylor (played by Peter Purves)
Story Chosen: The Gunfighters

Steven was stranded when he first met the Doctor in The Chase. A very strong willed individual who fought for what he believed in and who he respected. Someone who thinks rapidly on his feet and has a very balanced, if passionate sense of right and wrong, a perfect companion to the Doctor.

The Gunfighters is a strong Steven story, with Steven demonstrating his respect for the Doctor and protecting him from the Clantons who have mistaken him for their nemesis, Doc Holliday.

So if you'd like to see Steven in a crazy cowboy costume, vote for The Gunfighters in the Poll.

Companion 2: James 'Jamie' Robert McCrimmon (played by Frazer Hines)
Story Chosen: The Dominators

A feisty highlander who is arguably, the best companion to the second Doctor. A little headstrong at times but fiercely loyal; Jamie had such a unique rapport with the Doctor but was also not afraid to argue with him if he felt the Doctor was making a poor decision.

In The Dominators Jamie demonstrates his closeness to the Doctor by almost being able to read his mind to know what he needs to do next, and the rapport between them is wonderful.

If you'd like to see the kilted one, select The Dominators in the Poll.

Companion 3: Liz Shaw (played by Caroline John)
Story Chosen: Doctor Who and the Silurians

Liz is first seen in Spearhead from Space, as a scientist with a closed mind to such nonsense as aliens, and is seen to make the Brigadier quite bemused as she questions his integrity. She soon changes her mind and is willing to participate in the Doctors escapades, her intelligent mind being an invaluable source of information.

In the Silurians she demonstrates what a good team player she is by working closely with the Doctor and the Brigadier, and manages to uncover the Silurians master plan.

If you would like to see the lovely Liz, vote for Doctor Who and the Silurians in the Poll.

Companion 4: Sarah-Jane Smith (Played by Elisabeth Sladen)
Story Chosen: Pyramids of Mars

Ah, this is the hardest bit of this article to write because she captured our hearts. I apologise if I don't do this bit justice. Sarah-Jane; an inquisitive, thoughtful journalist who was passionate about finding out the truth and maintaining justice and peace. So far out of all the companions she is the one that cared the most for the Doctor (and some may argue she still is)

In Pyramids of Mars Sarah-Jane is invaluable, working closely alongside the Doctor to defeat Sutekh, and controlling those pesky robot mummies.

So, If you would like to see wonderful Sarah-Jane, don't hesitate in voting for Pyramids from Mars in our Poll.

Hope you've enjoyed this very brief overview, part two is tomorrow and will include companions of Doctors Five to Eight.

Please Remember to Vote!

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