Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Coming Soon - Death Comes to Time and the Minister of Chance

Check out the trailer for the newest journey for Adventures in Time, Space and Music as we'll be looking at Death Comes to Time and the Minister of Chance on the Flashing Blade Podcast (as well as our own feed in a few weeks) - including the vocal talents of Ian Bisset (The Cultdom Collective Podcast) and Graeme Sheridan (The 2nd Doctor's Podcast and Professor How)!

You can subscribe to the show via MP3 or iTunes AAC, and here are a few of the highlights thus far:

Nick Briggs (Big Finish Audios)
Dominic Glynn - Pt.I Pt.II
Toby Hadoke
Peter Howell - Pt.I Pt.II
Paddy Kingsland - Pt.I Pt.II Pt.III
Alistair Lock - Pt.I Pt.II
Gary Russell (Big Finish Gallifrey)
Louis Niebur
Author of Special Sound (About the Radiophonic Workshop)

Hope you enjoy the trailer and have an opportunity to check out the show, as our future shows will also be here at the Bar for you to taste. A sequence on Roger Limb's score to The Caves of Androzani is coming up soon as well...complete with an interview!

Phillip ('Dr. Phill,' @ATSMPodcast)

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