Sunday, 24 July 2011

Horror of Fang Rock on Wednesday Night

The story selected for this Wednesdays Session is the Tom Baker classic Horror of Fang Rock!

In this adventure the Doctor and Leela arrive near a lighthouse where strange goings on are happening.  Mysterious lights in the sky!  Mysterious noises, and people being found  dead!  Will the Doctor be able to help the residents of the lighthouse?  Or could the Doctor make a grave error of judgement?  Surely everything will turn out all right?

In an interesting twist in this adventure the baddie in this particular story is a Rutan, the arch enemy of the Doctor's other nemesis the Sontarans! Who we will also be watching on Saturday as our Weekend Poll will be called Sontaran Saturday!
However don't forget to tune in from 7pm on Wednesday Night to find out what exactly is going on, when we'll be pressing Play at 7.30pm to stay in synchronisation.  Make sure you have a drink at hand and any nibbles too.

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