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Torchwood: Miracle Day - The New World Review

WARNING: This Article and some of it's comments may contain Spoilers

A New Series of Torchwood began last night on the American entertainment channel, Starz, and begins on Thursday 14th July 2011, at 9pm, BBC One in the UK.

This series revolves around one interesting story, one day no one dies, and the next day no one dies, and the next, and the next etc. Throughout the series Jack, Gwen and some new faces from across the pond, discover why Torchwood is a part of this mysterious global event and what the consequences of not dieing can make.
At the beginning of this first episode entitled The New World, we are directly introduced to Bill Pullman's character, Oswald Danes. Oswald is a convicted Child Killer and is facing execution. This scene is an incredibly dark and eery scene and you really get a sense that Oswald is a character you hate from the first step and when his execution sentence doesn't work and he stays alive, you know a bigger problem is occurring. 

Whilst coming across Torchwood, Esther Drummond (played by Alexa Havins) is another interesting character addition to this series. She is very involved with her work and is shown as a companion type character which could help later in the series. Whilst Alexa's character is talking to Rex Matheson (played by Mekhi Phifer) across a phone, he crashes his car and a metal pole shoots off a truck in front of him, through the windscreen and straight into his chest.

The next scene we are re-introduced to Gwen Cooper, with her husband Rhys Cooper and their baby daughter in a private home on the coast of Wales. As you can see from the preview clip below, Gwen and Rhys are summoned by a knock on the door...

Again we experience more of Esther's character as she enquires more deeply into the British Institute which is Torchwood - enter Captain Jack Harkness. He tells her: Torchwood Is Dead, to keep Gwen safe, to keep them away from any big events happening under them. But this time Torchwood was mysteriously called up and that's why Jack must wipe every trace of Torchwood before Gwen and Rhys experience another knock at their door. 

Later on in the episode, Jack uses the rather familiar name of Owen Harper to go under cover as an FBI recruit in the same hospital Rex is being kept in. In a large room sits a bomb explosive victim who tried to capture Captain Jack and Esther earlier on. although the victim is in pieces, he still lives. They cut off the head, he still lives!. I thought this scene was incredibly scary and gory and was in particular aimed at a much more adult audience. 

After discovering her father is ill, Gwen must go back to Cardiff and is reunited with Sgt. Andy Davidson. He and Gwen then discover the sheer mass of the miracle that has hit this world and discovers that in four months time the Human Race will be fighting for food...

And that's all you're getting! 

If our American followers have not seen Torchwood Miracle Day: The New World already, you can check it out on the Starz website. 

Torchwood Miracle Day: The New World airs Thursday 14th July, 9pm, BBC One In the UK.

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