Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Ninth Doctor

The Ninth incarnation is quite unlike any of the other Doctors, before him or even following him. Much less eccentric in character and in costume. Unlike Matt Smith he does not reference any characteristics of his former selves.

Here we see a Doctor that is often brooding and melancholic, but with occasional moments of sillyness. His character is deepened by having the guilt of being the only survivor of the Time War. To add to his mystery, we do not know if he has recently regenerated or not. The only subtle reference being, him commenting on his ears, as if he had never seen them before, in the season opener Rose.

But what was his greatest episode?

Do you prefer the Doctor’s return, who along with an old enemy, the Autons and the Nestene, which united him with Rose Tyler, who would become his saviour. Rose was a fast paced adventure which exploded back onto our screens back in April 2005, and which took the viewing public by storm.

Or do you like The End of the World, an adventure quite similar in tone to Curse of Peladon, which sees the Doctor first mention the legendary Time War.

The Unquiet Dead. A favourite of mine seeing the Doctor take Rose into the past to meet the great author Charles Dickens.

Maybe you like the silliness of The Aliens of London/World War Three. This episode is quite clearly aimed at a new, younger audience. It also sees Mickey grow as a character, something that seldom happened in the original series.

Dalek helped to restore the terror and magnificence of this iconic race of monsters back to their former glory.

The Long Game, set in year 200,000 aboard Satellite 5, a space station orbiting the Earth. The Doctor and Rose with Adam in tow, investigate an enclosed society of humans, controlled by the media, whilst Adam inadvertantly exploits the future for his own personal gain.

Do you like Father's Day, a story in which Rose Tyler tries to change the past to save her own Father, with quite disastrous consequences for the time line. Quite possibly the most emotional Doctor Who story ever written.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances introduces us to Captain Jack Harkness in the first story written by Steven Moffat.  John Barrowman plays Captain Jack with an air of gusto and bravado. Is the story where everybody lives your favourite?

Boom Town sees the return of the Slitheen whilst the Doctor attempts to refuel the TARDIS.

Or is the Ninth Doctor’s finest hour his last in the season finale Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways?  An adventure which on it's original airing caused many a Doctor Who fan to gaze delightedly at the screen, especially at the en masse return of a certain arch enemy.

So it's up to you to decide, over on the Poll on the left.. What ever comes out on top will be chosen to watch on Saturday 6th August 2011. If a single episode story wins the poll then we will also watch the second most popular story as well.

So let us never forget Christopher Eccelston as the Ninth Doctor, his reign may have been a short one but he was one of the best actors ever to play the role.  It was also through his performances as the Doctor that the New Series of Doctor Who in 2005 instantly propelled the show to be a big hit again for the BBC.

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