Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Very Special Doctor Who Bar USA: Sunday, July 31st
We will have a special Doctor Who Bar USA viewing on Sunday the 31st of July. In what will seem like a flashback for long-time Doctor Who viewers in the States, we'll do our screening on Sunday afternoon (when many PBS stations used to air Who back before the 2005 re-launch). We'll continue the flashback-theme by watching an episode many of us may have first seen on PBS during one of those Sunday afternoon broadcasts! The selection for this Sunday is an episode featuring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Lis Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, "The Ark in Space."

"The Ark in Space" is the second serial to feature Tom Baker as the Doctor and the seventh story with Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith. The Doctor takes Sarah Jane, along with British naval officer Dr. Harry Sullivan, far into Earth's future. They land on a space station known as the Ark, where survivors of the human race are in cryogenic sleep, waiting for the planet to be safe for occupation again. Unfortunately, the humans have mis-set their alarm and are waking up far later than originally planned. Even more unfortunately, they are no longer alone on their space station.

We'll assemble in the Bar beginning at 2:30 pm EDT and hit play at 3 pm (8 pm BST). The episodes are available from Netflix on both DVD and streaming. I hope you'll join us for this special viewing!

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