Sunday, 17 July 2011

Remembrance of the Daleks on Wednesday Night

The Seventh Doctor's only outing with the dreaded Daleks is the story which has been selected for the Mid-Week Session on Wednesday 20th July.

This adventure was first broadcast as the first story of the programme's Twenty Fifth Anniversary season.  In many ways it harks back to the very first adventure with William Hartnell as the Doctor as it is set in 1963, a mere month after the events of An Unearthly Child.

Writer Ben Aaronovitch wrote a cracking script which gives us some reference to the Time Lords, and perhaps to the Doctor's origins.  From the Daleks point of view, it sees them once again being played as scheming tacticians rather than just generic monsters.  One of their best Doctor Who stories, it was also their last as the original series departed production a year later in 1989.

This story is very much a Doctor Who and the Daleks story, right from the moment the pre-credit teaser starts.  There is a bit of back story later on which is nicely handled between the Doctor and his street wise companion Ace, played by Sophie Aldred in this her first proper story as the companion.

Sophie really settles into her role of Ace in this story.  Sylvester McCoy gives a brilliant performance as quite a manipulative Doctor in this adventure.  He feels so at ease in the role.

So dust down your VHS release of it, or grab your DVD, the original or the special edition and get ready to watch the Seventh Doctor and Ace stop everyone from getting killed by the Daleks, who are seeking to appropriate the Hand of Omega!  What's the Hand of Omega?  Tune in from 7pm on Wednesday Night to find out!  We'll be pressing Play at 7.30pm GMT, to keep everyone in synchronisation.

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