Saturday, 23 July 2011

Silurians, Sea Devils or Eocenes?

They appeared in four major storylines, cameoed in a few via flashbacks or new footage, and perhaps even appeared in an episode of the fourth and last series of Blakes Seven!

Who are they?  Well they're the Silurians!  Their cousins the Sea Devils!  However the Third Doctor remarks at one point that their proper name should be the Eocenes.  Now Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor has got in on the act too with Homo Reptillia!!

Let's take a look at their history on the worlds favourite sci-fi series.

They first appeared way back in Doctor Who and the Silurians in 1970,  which was Jon Pertwee's first season as the Doctor.  The story was a seven parter and revolved around an experimental nuclear power research centre, which was experiencing mysterious power drains.  As well as a high level of people suffering from mental breakdowns.  UNIT was called in to investigate, whilst there a mysterious death occurs in the Caves system close to the research centre.  The victim looks to have been clawed to death by a mysterious creature.  However is there a traitor amongst the staff at the research centre?

Their second story was The Sea Devils, in this adventure the Doctor and Jo Grant are visiting the Doctor's arch enemy the Master, who was captured by UNIT at the close of The Daemons.  The Master is being held in captivity in a small island prison, but is he?  Or has he somehow duped the Prison's Governor into helping with some nefarious plan?

Their third adventure sees both the Silurians and Sea Devils together in Warriors of the Deep as they attempt to take over a Sea Base in their latest attempt to set man at each others throats!  They even unleash the dreaded Myrka!  A creature so terrifying it can electrocute you if you get too close to it!

Their last full story was in Matt Smith's first season, in episodes called The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood in which people are mysteriously being sucked into the Earth!  Their last appearance was in the last episode of the last series in which a female Silurian was briefly seen who had apparently eaten Jack the Ripper!! 
So dust down your DVD's or videos of the stories and get ready for some Silurian, Sea Devil Shenanigans later Tonight from 7pm.  Press Play at 7.30pm to keep everyone in synchronisation, and have some nibbles and a drink at hand as we enjoy our latest Twitter session.

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