Monday, 15 August 2011

By Special Request: The Case for Colin Baker

Why this Timelord should be celebrated not scrutinized
By Ditsy Companion
“Colin Baker cannot act.” “His costume is rubbish!” Oh dear god not that old one from the 80’s.” “What, not that clown!" "Oh that Doctor." "Not as good as Tom or David".
When I first became aware of the quite frankly, award winning and knighthood worthy programme I was hooked but…
I was in limbo about which Doctor I wanted to claim as my favorite as most Doctor Who fans told me that i.e. Jon Pertwee's my Doctor. I spent hours of researching and Twitter, Facebooking and Youtubing to find that most of the time it was all Tom Baker or David Tennant. But they were amazing and everyone was so positive about these two. I was not convinced so I looked deeper. A name came to my screen “Colin Baker” I thought OK lets look at this one, watch this Doctor and see what happens… I was hooked, a Doctor with some grit and intelligence, and strength to get through any situation, and was tough as nails… I like this one.. Then I thought OK lets look at his costume… not one that I would like to wear, but not too bad I mean he didn’t wear like BRIGHT PINK WITH POKADOTS and other worse clothes that I have encountered.
So my first shout back is at the costume. If you went into your workplace and said to your boss, “I hate this!” you would be fired. To judge someone based on a costume is ludicrous. As a Colin Baker fan its very disrespectful to go up to an actor and tell him this because I have heard people doing this. So I say please stop!
My second shout back is he can Act… a quote from Den of geek can help me here:
This will be the same Colin Baker who had a successful theatre career, then spent ten years constantly on television, then had another successful theatre career? The one who won Best Audio Doctor in a 2003 poll? The one whose other famous role as Paul Merroney in The Brothers required him to be calm, quiet and controlled? The polar opposite of the Sixth Doctor. That Colin Baker?
One of his latest television appearances in “Doctors”

My third and last shout back is that some rude people have also stated to me that he doesn’t support charity or is nice to Doctor Who fans… He does care about his fans and does help out charity. As seen from this YouTube clip and another website this is someone who really cares about his fans and issues that affect the community. I also add that he has Twitter and he retweets or reply's to birthday requests.
Now a few of my friends and another quote from Den of the geek had these amazing things to say about Colin Baker.
Each actor that portrays 'The Doctor' always has a certain charisma and charm about them, and that's why we watch the show. Colin Baker was magnificent in my opinion, because he gave a sort of depth and brashness that was a welcome change (in my opinion). He was a rather underrated Doctor
The 6th Doctor ~ Brash, arrogant, rude, dangerous, untrustworthy, highly intelligent, protector, friend, passionate and colourful..!
Colin Baker's Doctor was, after the gentle Fifth Doctor, an unpredictable Time Lord, full of rage, passion and self-importance. There could be glimpses of darkness there... Those characteristics gave the Doctor new ground to tread, and there was fun to be had from his rantings. A truly different Doctor...

Even if you ignore his work for Big Finish, his work raising the profile of Sudden Infant Death syndrome, his clear fondness for his era, and the fact that he had to put up with two years of pulling different faces for cliffhangers, you should at least respect Colin Baker for his association with Doctor Who, and for giving so much more than he got in return.

So I say this to Colin if he ever reads this…
Thank you with all my heart for just being YOU!

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