Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Resurrection of the Daleks

The TARDIS is caught in a Time Corridor and lands at the London Docklands.

Meanwhile the Daleks, affected by a Movellan virus attempt to release Davros, who is being held prisoner.

Why are Policemen shooting at futuristic people? 

The story sees many familiar faces Rodney Bewes- Stien (Likely Lads), Leslie Grantham (Dirty Den from EastEnders) and Rula Lenska -Styles . Chloe Ashcroft- Professor Laird (Play School). It was the first story to introduce Maurice Colbourne as Commander Lytton.

This season 21 story, Peter Davison's final series features the return of the Daleks and Davros. It was the first story to be broadcast in 45 minute episodes. It was edited into this format due to the 1984 Winter Olympics coverage because the slots originally planned for the four part version were not available.

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