Saturday, 6 August 2011

Review of 'Davros' from Big Finish


I'm David Morgan, I am fairly new to The Doctor Who Bar and I am loving every minute of it! I shall have an 'About Me’, sort of thing, in a few days. But until then, here is my review of the Big Finish story, 'Davros':


If stories like this had been put on screen at the turbulent times during Colin Baker's TV reign as the Doctor, then it may not have even had to go through that completely unneeded eighteen month hiatus. It would have grown in popularity instead of dwindling down to something ‘Doctor Who’ should not be, all though, Colin Baker’s period had some of the best action scenes ever seen in the history of ‘Doctor Who’. If only Lance Parkin had written Davros for the tv series. It would’ve been awesome!

Terry Molloy is excellent as Davros, an intense and gripping performance from a fine actor, as usual. Wendy Padbury is nice too. It’s great to hear her back with Big Finish after so long. It’s also great that she’s not screaming the place down. Here she is tough and even a bit catty. Bernard Horsfall is great as well.

This is a thrilling piece of ‘Doctor Who’. An intense drama centred around one of the biggest characters ever seen in ‘Doctor Who’. Davros is mental and disturbed to the core of his soul in this particular adventure.

Colin Baker needs no introduction for this story either. He's as brilliant and solid as ever, facing off, yet again, one of his greatest enemies to come out of ‘Doctor Who’. The anniversary year for Big Finish productions really did turn out some cracking good stories. ‘Davros’ is one of the finest Big Finish adventures I’ve heard to date. Bear in mind, I do only have ten Big Finish stories.)

Rating out of Ten? Meh. Oh, what the hell, it deserves it! 10/10

If you have been influenced by my review to go and buy Davros, you can Click Here.

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