Friday, 12 August 2011

Product Review - Real Time Blue Variant Sixth Doctor Figure

This week I thought I would review one of my favorite products of all my toys. The reason for this product being my favorite is that it was my first product given to me by my partner and was also bought for my birthday. Plus it's of my favorite and my most loved Doctor - COLIN BAKER...

If you are a Colin Baker fan then you need to get this product. It goes without saying that this is a one of a kind and was totally worth every penny. The product came in very good condition and has an amazing resemblence to Colin. When I look at how his costume could have looked I'm amazed that JNT didn't let him wear this one! It's just so amazingly good. I love this figure so much and it's very good value.

An extract of another persons opinion on the product as taken from Infinite Hollywood
I didn't need another Colin Baker, one was sufficient. However, I liked the look of this guy and I think it's nice that some of the older Doctors are working with Character Options, Big Finish and BBC to present some new stories as well as new figures. Colin Baker has been working with them very closely and as such he's gotten several figures. Can't knock him for that.

Facing off with the Cybermen
Some of the Doctors changed outfits all the time and some of them remained largely in the same clothes for most of the time. While it's not necessary to get Colin Baker's variant outfit, it is kind of nice to have something different for a Doctor other than the Tenth.
Not much is known yet about pricing but the one pricing estimate I obtained was from and was about $28.43 but ebay might be a bit more competitive.

Here are TWO YouTube clips of the blue Costume Variant:

and another one of how it would look in the series:

From Drwho1994

and a clip of him talking about his figures

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