Monday, 22 August 2011

Doctor Who Bar Schedule Update

With the news that the second half of the current Doctor Who series is to commence on Saturday 27th August at 7.10pm, there will inevitably be changes to our current Twitter showings.

We will not be tweeting against the new Doctor Who episodes on Saturday, as we realise most fans will be glued to their telly and won't want any interruptions!  This will have to wait for the BBC3 repeat showings, we will give you more details nearer the time.

Our regular Poll showings at the Weekend has moved to Sundays now, and will remain their for the duration of the current run of new episodes.  Standard time, opening at 7.00pm GMT and pressing Play at 7.30pm to watch the story in synch with everyone.

So join us in the Bar for our new schedule, the Wednesday Night showings remain unaffected.

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