Sunday, 21 August 2011

Product Review - The 11th Doctors Metal Sonic Screwdriver

As reviewed by Ditsy_Companion

For this weeks review I thought it would be a good idea to review a product from the current Doctor Matt Smith and as I was looking through my bag a few hours ago I found his metal sonic screwdriver and tought to myself why do I have this in here...

It came to me a second later its a metal screw driver set. What impresses me about this product is how useful it can be when your glasses and other small items need fixing. The box it came in was sturdy and had a good viewpoint of the product. the pricing of it was a little bit expensive but if you want a screwdriver set and like Doctor Who than this is for you. The size of the product is a exactly the same as the one currently being used by Matt Smith. It comes with sound but its a little shaky. A better description of the product can be found below:
The Wow Stuff Sonic Screwdriver is a screen-accurate die-cast replica of the 11th Doctor version. The Wow Stuff sonic has light and sound effects; a green (not blue) light flashes. What's more it doubles as a DIY tool; it includes interchangeable heads (S, M, L) with reversible Philips and flathead bits.
So as you can see if you are a fan of new Doctor Who and are looking for a reason to buy this product then this is it... DIY and Doctor Who = Must Buy.

An image of the product with all the screwdrivers

To Buy Product just go to

or any local retailers

A video review of the product

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