Monday 15 August 2011

Doctor Who Bar Latest Update

This week in the Doctor Who Bar:

On Wednesday we see the return of Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines in The Two Doctors.

On Friday we are continuing with the BBC Three repeats, Fridays from 7pm.

This Week: The Rebel Flesh & The Almost People.

We have a new Poll up - This week we've selected some Sylvester McCoy stories for you to Vote for. We will be watching the winning story at 7.30pm on Saturday 20th August. But we will be online from 7pm, chatting on Twitter. So vote NOW for your choice to watch on Saturday Night!

Later on that evening we have another session:  #DWBarUSA 

This week Shelly_Gage will be hosting "A Good Man Goes to War" from 6.30pm EDT, pressing Play at 7pm EDT/12am BST.

We have had some requests for a Big Finish session in the Bar. IS that something you would like to join in with? We would appreciate your input on this. Davros and Spare Parts have been the most popular requests. We will probably do this on Wednesday 25th August.

We are considering viewing the Key to Time season on consecutive Wednesdays, from 31st August.


Meanwhile on the blog...

We have got some new members on board.

We are currently serializing Victorious, a Fan Fic by Heather Maclaren aka Omey. It's a Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover set during the Tenth Doctor's regeneration and between Torchwood series 2 and The Children of Earth.

Ditsy Companion has written an a article in defense of Colin Baker's Doctor. Later in the week we will see some more of her reviews

I would also like to welcome David Morgan aka TheDWFanSite as a new admin. He will be reviewing Big Finish audio productions, writing some articles on the blog and helping with the sessions.

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