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The Almost People Review

Before the episode we were promised the ending to end all endings?!  Is that what we got? To me, it wasn't, if you followed closely and looked at the clues there was a way you could see this coming. Personally I didn't see it coming, I saw the pregnancy coming but didn't know how it was going to play out. For me, I thought the ending was a bit over exaggerated. Some people may have been shocked by it, which is fine, but I wasn't as shocked as I thought I was going to be. This is my personal opinion of it, others may differ, which is brilliant and what I promote! Nice healthy discussions!

At the start of the episode you see the Doctor, struggling to deal with his past regenerations. He goes through some of the lines from his older selves.
"One day we will get back, yes, one day."

So, I'm not sure if that was from one of his older regenerations, as we then go into lines such as:
"Would you like a jelly baby?" and "Hello, I'm the Doctor"
One thing that had me chuckling towards the end of this scene was where he gets things a bit mixed up and ends up saying:
"Reverse the jelly baby of the neutron flow" and "Would you like a Doctor!?"
After the credits roll we then begin with the two Doctors, and the dialogue between the two is fantastic, finishing each others sentences, they're like a double act! Which they continue to do throughout the episode and coming up with cracking lines like:
"Its just so inspiring to hear me say it!"
I loved that scene!!!  When the Doctor asks if they say "Yowza" and the other Doctor just looks and replies with something like "No we wont go there again" - Sorry, I can't remember the exact quote!

One of the first things in the episode that points to Amy's pregnancy is that when they're running into the evac tower I think, when they get there she claims her stomach hurts, and she must have pulled a muscle... Or maybe it's just her contractions starting.

Then there follows a scene which shows an angry Doctor, who has Amy pinned up against the wall. As he is shouting and ranting at her, his voice is distinctly different, I don't know if this was meant to be like this, or if it's just the way Matt Smith acted it.  I would just like to add about this scene, Amy thinks she's talking to the Flesh Doctor, the Ganger and says that she had seen him die, because he invited them. Which again gets touched on towards the end of the episode.

Once we're back in the room and the Doctor starts ranting away, Amy keeps saying things like 'You are the Flesh" and "You are it" not realising she's actually talking to the real Doctor.  The Doctor actually ignores her and continues on his rant!

The next scene shows Rory going down the stairs where he finds two Jennifer's. He seems to think he knows who the real Jennifer is because one of them is limping, and apparently you cant fake that because it would have been done after she was released from the harness. The two Jennifer's start fighting, and one of them is pushed into the Acid and melts, leaving Rory to think he has the real Jennifer. This is the point I actually realised what was actually going on here. The episodes have really shone through. Absolutely brilliant!!

I have also accounted for Rory's change in this episode too, the acid burn he sustained right at the start of the episode. I might be wrong, but that's the only thing I can put it down to. I loved the scene where Jen needs his help and he goes:
"I'll break out the big guns."
Which me in stitches.... He says it in such a way you can tell he doesn't say things like that very often, but loved being able to!
The eyes on the wall were pretty freaky! Being there to judge apparently! Not much made of them, although we saw a Jen notice them before they were fully formed earlier in the episode!

There's an interesting line towards the end of the episode where the Doctor says
"Could only learn about the Flesh through his eyes!"
 Which is when we learn that the Doctor had actually swaped shoes with his Ganger counterpart, and were we realise if you remember, that Amy had made the Boo-boo of telling the real Doctor she had seen his death that she was invited to by him.... Oh dear... Which is when the Doctor says to his flesh counterpart:
"This is a death we were not invited to."
 Which makes the Flesh Ganger Doctor look and wonder what he possibly meant!

Before they demateralise in the TARDIS, Amy hugs the other Doctor and he says to her:
"When she tells you to breathe, breathe!"

 Which shocks Amy! I think it would shock anyone... Also when the Doctor says he loves shenanigans! I love that word too haha! Had me chuckling a bit! lol

Now comes the ending to end all endings....Amy goes into labour and starts having contractions... There's no bump.... How is she pregnant... The Doctor tells Rory to stand away, and the Doctor tells Flesh Ganger Amy that they will find her. No matter how long they search, they will find her!

This is when the Doctor zaps her with the Sonic Screwdriver, and she melts, showing she was Flesh, a Ganger, a duplicate of the original!  I hope we find out how she was kidnapped, and at what point...unless I have missed something!

Overall a very good episode, it take us right into the Mid Series finale, with the game changing cliffhanger!
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading my article!

Article by @whoscompanion

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  1. Not sure about the Flesh episodes. I guessed, too about Amy's pregnancy. The ending was a real shocker. Are you sure Amy was a Flesh Amy or something else. The Doctor tells her her mind and heart were in the Tardis all along. Anyway I wish this episode hadn't been split into 2 parts. It felt way too long and overdrawn to me. I might watch the 2 together again to see if I keep that opnion.