Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Why I love Tom Baker and the Ultimate Companion - Elisabeth Sladen R.I.P

Tom Baker
 What can you say about the great Tom Baker that's not been said already,  not a lot is the answer.  He had it all, he was funny, moody and that wide smile said it all really.  The look he had was great too, his outfit for one was perfect, just take the hat and scarf; a stroke of  luck or genius you decide!?  For me they both fitted his version of the Doctor perfectly, and he will always be my favourite Doctor for so many reason's, one of which he was the Doctor I watched as a kid and I still watch him today on DVD.  A proud statistic for Tom Baker he had the longest run as the Doctor, an awesome seven year's, beating Jon Pertwee's five years in the role.  Will Matt Smith get anywhere near that?  I hope so but I'm not sure if he will get anywhere near it.  It was also great to hear his voice in the episode The Almost People recently.  Thank you Mr Steven Moffat for doing that, it's good to know that after all this time Mr. Tom Baker is still making a contribution to Doctor Who and has certainly not been forgotten.  It's interesting to see that in this series and the last one too, there have been subtle appearances from some of the previous actors to have played the Doctor.  Who know's he might just turn up again in flashback in an episode again, I certainly hope so.

Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen 
This my friend's is the ultimate Doctor and Companion combo for me and for a lot of other people too.  They are the best Doctor & companion dynamic in the history of the series, even better than the Eleventh Doctor, Amy & Rory!!  When you add the late great Elisabeth Sladen to the already brilliant Tom Baker what you get is nothing short of telly gold.  They are both so watchable together.   I for one will be watching their many classic adventures for a long time to come, as will many other Doctor Who fans.  They were and still are the best, check out Elisabeth Sladen's last scene in The Hand of Fear.

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  1. Tom Baker will always be my favorite Doctor, Because He was the 1st I watched when I was a kid.
    And Tom is awesome in everything he's in.....